About The Owners

Meet the owners of the Live Laugh Love Lookout! We are three families, proud to call the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area home, who happen to have also been best friends for over 2 decades!  But most importantly, we collectively share a deep-rooted loyalty to our friends, our family, and clients. We truly love the moments when we can create new experiences with those who are most important to us, and the Live Laugh Love Lookout is our special place to make new memories together. In addition, we are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to open our home up to our friends, clients, and others so you too can create these special moments with those who matters most. The phrase “Live Laugh Love’ isn’t just a cliché saying, it is also a long-standing phrase that has a pretty funny, inside meaning to us.  So come embrace it, enjoy some time with those you love, and we truly hope you cherish every minute you can!

Meet the

The Patterson's

Real Estate is the Patterson’s business, but travel is what they love most. Well of course besides our little guy, Niles Duke. Yes, we are also a diehard Duke basketball family, so we had to squeeze that middle name in there. We love the city, but also the slow pace of Northern Minnesota Cabin life. Our close friends and family mean the world to us, and it was only fitting to find this place to create new memories in.  Welcome to the Live Laugh Love Lookout and Go Duke!
Erick, Alysia, and Niles


The Larson's

The Larson family would love to welcome you to Live Love Laugh Lookout! We were actually staying down the street on vacation and happened to walk by the home as it was going for sale. We instantly fell in love with the charm of the street, the pool, and the proximity to the beach. The kids were definitely sold on it, and so were we. From our family to yours -- enjoy your stay!
Lane, Allison, Madison and Carter


The Piprude's

Welcome to Live Laugh Love Lookout!! We are the Piprude family of four and thankful you chose our home to share with you on your vacation, getaway and relaxation. Remember summer holidays as a kid? Being released from school and seeing nothing but weeks of freedom and sunshine? Ft Myers has been a location our family has visited for many years and have loved the warmth and feel it has given us on every visit, making it feel like summer vacation every time! We hope you enjoy your time at our home away from home!  
Justin, Abigale, Henry, and Charles (Charlie)